A Hockey Heals Christmas


I kept this week’s hockey theme going today with another memorable “Hockey Heals” skate followed by a group breakfast at the Golden Diner. Smiles and laughs were in abundance and we even had a couple of new faces with Craig Graham bringing his two grandsons along to show them the power of love, patience and acceptance. Our skates have allowed us to witness many inspiring stories, but Van Stone’s unlikely journey is at the top of the list. Due to a traumatic brain injury that Van suffered in 2018, our friend struggles with speech, motor skills and everyday tasks. Playing hockey shouldn’t be possible for this former college hockey player, so seeing him skate, pass, shoot and make quick decisions would be considered a miracle to many. We have witnessed monumental growth and progress in Van’s life making our Wednesday skate so much more than meets the eye. As we wrapped up breakfast I wished Van a Merry Christmas and he looked at me and said, “I love hockey”. This may not seem like much, but to me it is truly amazing! I met Van sixteen months ago, and saying one word at a time was difficult, so for my friend to confidently complete a sentence is absolutely mind blowing and an incredible gift. As Christmas Day approaches, please take a moment to pause and think about the miracles that are all around us and think about what is truly important. Kindness is a gift we all can give, and it’s honestly the very best gift we all have to offer. God bless you and yours during this holiday season. Kindness – pass it on! ❤️



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