A Day with Torin and Lucas


It was an eventful Saturday that included a visit to UC Health and a celebration of the accomplishments of a terrific young man.
Torin Perrot had a really scary week that began with a seizure that resulted from a brain infection. Things were touch and go early in the week as Torin fell into septic shock and nearly left us. Thanks to the work of the world class staff at UC Health and Torin’s unwavering determination, it appears this warrior is on the road to recovery. Circling June 24th on his calendar, Torin has set his sites in playing in Dawg Bowl XIII’s Survivor Game. It’s a lofty goal but I wouldn’t count him out!
Lucas Vialpando may have been born with cerebral palsy but that hasn’t stopped this “no barriers” young man from blowing us all away! Graduating with honors from my alma mater (Metro State University), Lucas has provided us with an inspirational example of what hard work, determination and a “can do” attitude can accomplish. In a world seemingly full of negativity, Lucas is a beacon of positivity that continues to show us all that anything is possible.
I was blessed to share this special day with the remarkable Patrick Donnelly who is also defying the odds by showing us what making the most of second chances looks like!
Here’s to all those that inspire us, motivate us, challenge us, and make us better people. Thank you Torin, Lucas and Patrick, your positive impact on the this world is immeasurable. ❤️
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