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Hocktoberfest Germany Vs. Czech

Beers from two of the great brewing nations. What could be better?

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      November 15, 2023 6:00 pm


      2023 Hocktoberfest - TBD

      2022 Hocktoberfest Recap - Germany vs Czech

      HocktoberFest 2022 was a rousing success, as we literally packed the Blue Spruce Brewing Co to the rafters! The Czechs vs the Germans beer sales ended in a dead heat, so the tie breaker came into play... a riveting Cornhole match in the middle of the bar! It was a tense game as the Germans (Cappy and Nigel) eased ahead at 12-11, only to be squashed by the Czechs (Jan and Milan) as they ran off the final 10 points! But like all Dawg Nation events, GIVING BACK was the crescendo of the evening! Kevin Larson and Mike "Sully" Sullivan took center stage as they were surrounded by those who love them and both received checks to get them back on their feet.

      A big shout out to our Czech brewers Jan and Milan for all you do, and yes, the pilsner was perfection! Thank you to all who sponsored, to our incredible volunteers, to all who donated, everyone that attended, cheered, laughed, and joined us in helping to make the world a better place.