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A Longboarding Accident (content couresy of Kellie Murphy)

On Wednesday, September 15th, Alex got off work and decided to spend some time with his good friend, Cristian, and go longboarding. This was something the two of them often did together. His girlfriend, Erin, stayed home to pack for a trip to California they planned on taking the following day. Unfortunately, they would not make that trip because shortly after leaving the house, Alex was thrown from his longboard head first. He sustained injuries to his head and was actively bleeding and seizing. Thankfully, Cristian was there and able to assist in stabilizing Alex while neighbors called 911. Alex was transported by ambulance to a hospital where he was sedated and a breathing tube was placed. They did a CT scan and found that Alex had a fractured skull, brain bleeding, and brain swelling. They performed a procedure to insert a monitor to gauge pressure and swelling in his brain and to insert a catheter that would release fluid from his brain.

A Medically Induced Coma

Unfortunately, the second part of that procedure was unsuccessful and Alex was put into a medically induced coma that night. This will ensure no movement and allow Alex’s brain to heal. At the time this is written, Alex remains in a medically induced coma with hopes that the pressure in his brain decreases and that he can eventually be weened off the ventilator. Alex has been surrounded by lots of prayers but has a very long road to recovery.

The Next Stage of Recovery

After 23 very long days, this is the update we have all been waiting for…. ALEX IS HOME! He was released from the rehab facility this afternoon and is settling in well at home. He will receive home health care for the next couple of weeks and outpatient therapy after that. Erin will be on leave from work until December to be there for Alex’s continued recovery.

Alex is SO happy to be home and…..has a message to share:

Hello friends and family I have a big update to share. I was lucky enough to be discharged from inpatient rehab today. I want to take a minute to thank everyone for their love and support during this time. Without all of your kind thoughts and prayers I wouldn’t have been able to reach this point in my recovery thus far. I look forward to continuing on my journey to full recovery through home health and outpatient services. Thank you all. Love, Alex

The Aftermath of Bills

The family will no doubt have outstanding medical expenses, rehabilitation expenses, and likely lost wages.

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