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Community Based Non-Profit Hockey Organization

DAWG Nation Hockey Foundation is proud to be a part of the Belleville community. Our commitment to making a difference in the community has blossomed into an important resource for Belleville families in their time of need. Further, every contribution we receive is fed back into DAWG Nation Non-Profit Hockey Foundation, ensuring you see results on the ice.

DAWG Nation is a non-profit hockey charity dedicated to providing opportunities for Belleville families to gain confidence and independence through participation in ice hockey events and to support local, national, and international amateur ice hockey players and their families in times of crisis. Our foundation believes in the motto play hard, play fair, and give back. Through our non-profit hockey foundation, we help deliver a positive hockey community to the Belleville area.

DAWG Nation Events

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    February 17, 2023 7:00 pm

    Pondy on Prior

    Pondy on Prior is a charity hockey tournament with net proceeds benefiting Ethan and his family as they adjust to their new circumstances.